Jacana Kids Summer Collection
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By Studio Z Photography
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On the weekend I photographed Jacana Kid's Summer Collection

For those of you that haven't heard of them, Jacana Kids is a children's clothing line where 50% of profits are donated to organisation that help children with disabilities.

The clothing line was started by two mums (Jacqui & Anna) from my son's school.

Jacqui's son Domenic had a cyst in his brain while in utero, he was blind until 6 months of age and there were major concerns for his balance, speech, IQ and learning ability. Three years on, Domenic (one of our lovely models for the photo shoot) is walking, running, jumping, just like any other cheeky monkey his age, thanks to Early Childhood Education Services, who provided his parents with education on everything needed to support Domenic in reaching his potential. [click HERE to read more about Jacqui's story.]

Inspired by her journey, Jacana Kids was formed to support organisations that are involved in educating children with learning difficulties.

Every year they select a new organisation to help, with new designs coming straight from the children involved with that organisation. This year 50% of Jacana Kids' profits goes to Yooralla.

If you're looking for a Christmas present with heart, check out the cool hoodies and tees at the Jacana Kids Store.



Thank you all the parents and kids who have donated their time to model for us, you can check out photos from the shoot HERE. I'm still working on it, more photos will be added throughout the next couple of weeks.

Special thanks to Ida Chen who joined us for the shoot. She has recently graduated from her Photography diploma and is interested in also specialising in children's photography. Check out her photos HERE.

And thank you Julia of Saint Copy PR for spreading the Jacana Kids message.


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Bernadette - Just beautiful photos Jina, you are very talented - but we already new that! Jacana Kids Fashion looks like a wonderful organisation - all the best to them.
Love the team at Gymbaroo Box Hill North