My APPA Journey
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By Studio Z Photography
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APPA (Australian Professional Photography Awards)

Early this year I walked into my first AIPP Print Critique evening with a few of my favourite photographs. The level of work brought in for critique by other entrants made my jaw drop. I sat through the evening mesmerised by print after print, the guest judges comments on each print opened my eyes and mind that little bit wider. I came home exhilarated by how much there is to learn and how far I need to go. 

Then I met Lisa ( She patiently walked me through the finer points of retouching and printing: lighting, removing inconsistencies, skin tones, etc. etc. I learnt so many things I didn't even realise that I didn't know. 

With Lisa's help, I submitted three prints to the Victorian State Awards, two of the prints received Silver Awards, and I was qualified to enter into the National Awards (APPA). My 'Balloons' print received a Silver Distinction Award, and the other two were both judged to be of 'high professional quality'.

I am incredibly honoured and simply giddy to receive a Silver Distinction Award, at the same time truly humbled by the incredible work of other photographers, and sincerely grateful for the wonderful support of:

My Clients - You guys make it possible for me to pursue my love for photography;
Lisa - You inspire me to improve and pursue excellence;
& My Family - Thank you for your love and patience and support, I'll try my best to curb my workaholic tendencies ...


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